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Cloud-Managed, Digital Display Advertising

UberDisplays is a new form of digital media—a smart, real-time outdoor display network. Manage your outdoor display campaigns as easily as you manage online campaigns.

  • 80% of travelers recall digital ads
  • 40x better than traditional outdoor ads
  • Your ad will be shown every 96 seconds
  • Ads in rotation on 53″ digital displays
  • No long-term commitments
  • Free ad design available

We’ve created a revolutionary system that will allow buses to display numerous advertisements via an LED screen on the tail of buses while providing free WiFi to riders from our cutting edge GPS device.

What’s under the hood…


Pixel Pitch


Pixel Density

25600 pixels/m2

Pixel Configuration

SMD 3 in 1

Cabinet Dimensions



6000 Nits/m2

Best Viewing Distance

> 7 m(23feet)

Average Energy Consumption

0.8 kwh/m2

IP Rating

0.8 kwh/m2 Front/Rear IP65

Refresh Rate


LED Lifetime

100,000 Hours / 11 Years

Does your bus agency already have our screens?