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Kick’n the lights on an Uberdisplay couldn’t be easier.

No-Install Software

It’s as simple as that! There is no disc to install or file to download. Because you don’t have time to fumble with the hassles often related to software installation, UberDisplays has developed our LightSwitch™ software to be hassle-free. Our no-install, and no-download solution allows you immediate control of your UberDisplay.

Use a Mac or Pc

Because of our unique, no-install software, you can use the operating system of your choice. With an UberDisplay, you will no longer have to deal with complications that arise from not having a specific operating system.

It’s a Cinch

Operating your UberDisplay with LightSwitch™ is super easy. You can upload your pre-designed display slides or easily add animated movement to text and other graphical elements. With LightSwitch™, you will have precise control over your UberDisplay.

Schedule like a Boss

LightSwitch’s™ scheduling feature will empower you to strategically plan your UberDisplays ads and maximize their impact.  Create several unique ad campaigns and use Lightswitch’s convenient auto-update feature to schedule each one for deployment up to 24 hours in advance.