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This WorkHorse is a Beast!

The UberDisplays 10 is our go-to work-horse for a vast array of exterior sign display applications. Ideal for on-premise signs and advertising displays, the UberDisplays 10 is the perfect LED solution for at-a-distance viewing. Whether viewed by walking traffic or vehicle traffic, the UberDisplays 10 is a call-to-action display with impressive resolution that can’t be ignored.

What’s under the hood…

Specifications for the UberDisplays 10

Pixel Pitch


Pixel Density

10000 pixels/m2

Pixel Configuration


Cabinet Dimensions



5500 Nits/m2

Best Viewing Distance

> 10 m (33 feet)

Average Energy Consumption

0.4 kwh/m2

IP Rating

0.8 kwh/m2 Front/Rear IP65

Refresh Rate

300 ~ 4800Hz

LED Lifetime

100,000 Hours / 11 Years