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The Knockout Display!

The UberDisplays 16 is our big punch for big applications. Ideal for large format advertising and billboard displays, the UberDisplays 16 is the perfect, full color LED solution to reach high vehicle traffic areas. The big visual punch of the UberDisplays 16 will make an impression that will bring results.

What’s under the hood…

Specifications for the UberDisplays 16

Pixel Pitch


Pixel Density

3906 pixels/m2

Pixel Configuration


Cabinet Dimensions



7500 Nits/m2

Best Viewing Distance

> 16 m(52.5feet)

Average Energy Consumption

0.45 kwh/m2

IP Rating

0.8 kwh/m2 Front/Rear IP65

Refresh Rate

300 ~ 260VAC. 50/60Hz

LED Lifetime

100,000 Hours / 11 Years